A Sad State for Physicians: Dentists Take Note as an Independent Dentist

Independent dentist

Dr. Ronald Sroka

In my independent dentist series I point out to my program members that the writing is on the wall for us as dentists while looking to the medical practice and how they are currently being affected.

Last weekend’s NYT did a front page expose of a family practice physician (Dr. Ron Shroka shown) in Crofton MD who quite literally has tried to GIVE away his practice and there are no takers.  He makes $100K a year with FOUR THOUSAND patients. His office is run-down—not enough cash flow to keep the place up and his employees have NO MEDICAL INSURANCE. Are you as an independent dentist seeing the pattern ?

No where in the article was it mentioned that he could simply fire the insurance companies, reduce his patient load to the 500-1000 patients who would be more than happy to have their catastrophic risk handled by insurance and simply pay him for his care, skill, time (real 30-60 minute appointments), and judgment.  He’d take home $300K or so a year and be a much happier guy and his remaining patients would love him even more.  I’m not even talking about “concierge” medicine where some clown charges a $20K membership fee just to belong to the practice but simply good old fashioned fee for service—-I see you as my physician and I get a fair fee in exchange for the real time and care that I spend with you.

The limiting assumption in everyone’s thinking here is “that’s not possible.”  Well it actually is, I know several medical practices that operate just like that…..can be easily set-up and taught—even to other physicians.

As the headline says…dentists have it sooo easy……realize it folks and take some action while you still have easier choices than your physician brethren.

Are you ready to take action before it is too late ? Join my other program members most of whom operate as an independent dentist here.

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