For the Independent Dentist -Tiny excuses = big practice sabotage given enough time.

Independent dentist

After interacting with hundreds of colleagues most as independent dentists, I’ve observed that the successful do and think a lot differently than those who either struggle or underachieve.

This doesn’t mean that the  successful independent dentists are necessarily better doctors …but one thing is very common amongst them which is they don’t buy into the excuses projected by the profession at large, things such as:

“It’s not as easy for me to succeed; I’m not an aggressive type of person.”
“I’m not comfortable marketing, advertising, or selling.”
“I get easily overwhelmed”
“I’m not sure I even like being a dentist.”
“I’m a really good dentist; that should be enough.”
“I’ve tried everything; nothing works.”
“I’m not good looking enough”
“I’m too young”
“I’m too old”
“I can’t afford to market, train my staff, learn to sell (insert excuse here).”

None of the above excuses have ANYTHING to do with why you’re at where you’re at..

They are all meaningless statements, counterproductive thoughts (thoughts and talk that goes on in your head matters a LOT), and extremely limiting to your practice.

Replace lame with a lot better:

“Things are getting better every day with me and my team.”
“I love working ON my practice and myself.”
“There’s a solution for every challenge. I may need to a shift in perspective.”
“I am truly grateful for what I have starting with health.”
“I always attract what I think about the most and work on the most.”
“The more and better me and my time communicate in all the ways we communicate to patients, the more compensation I make and the more patients get to experience great dentistry”
“I associate only with positive people who have my best interests in mind.”


“I have complete control over this very moment and in reality “this moment” is all I have or that there is; therefore, I am in complete control.”

“I create with my thoughts.”

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