Independent Dentists and Competition -why it’s a good thing to strive for Un-equality

Independent dentists

Independent dentists as business owner’s why is it important to understand and care (very much) about the concept of becoming “un-equal’ in your market against the competition ?

Because ultimately, how ‘un-equal’ you are in the eyes  of the prospective and existing patient ties directly to your ability to stay independent from the tentacles of insurance discounting and to command full fees for whatever service you enjoy the most.  Dentists who are the most equal in the eyes of the public have the least ability (not clinical ability but business ability) to perform dental services at full fees.

There are two types of equality to be concerned about.  One relates to other dentists and whether patients think you are equal or above (un-equal) to others.  The other and more important relates to when patients and prospective patients consider your treatment plans and whether other choices they weigh your recommendations against make your services less equal, and therefore, less desirable to purchase.  Few individual dentists realize they can and do directly impact a patient’s decision simply by how they present treatment plans via whether they utilize systematic selling!

The only way to achieve un-equality is to do, act, and speak differently than other dentists around you and more importantly present those differences to the patients and prospective patients in ways so that they understand what is different. In selling terminology, this is called “unique reason why.”

If you haven’t formulated your “unique reason why” and moved it into how you sell and how you communicate in marketing to the public, you are at a distinct disadvantage over those who are doing so in your location.  Independent dentists in practices getting full fees have “unique reasons why” and they deploy them.

Most in the profession are stuck on worrying about being “equal” and few focus on garnering advantages that create extreme un-quality.  Knowing that most will never figure this out, why not leverage “unique reason why” in your market, take the advantage it provides, and become very un-equal?

If you are intellectually capable of grasping the nuances between these important ‘equality’ concepts and then take very simple actions, you have the power to be very un-equal both in patients choosing you over competitors and in patients choosing dentistry over other competing goods and services.

We’re here to help with that first step of formulating “unique reason why” and providing the steps and tools to building it into your marketing and selling.  If you’re ready to elevate yourself to a new “un-equal” state over competing dentists and other goods and services why not start by checking out my #1 top selling book on Amazon.