Even More about Online Dentist Reviews

Online Dentist Reviews

Digital word of mouth advertising comes in two distinct types…….

Digital Word of Mouth Advertising Type 1 – Online Dentist Reviews.

These are customer/patient reviews about their experience posted on objective, independent, 3rd party platforms that you do not own or control.

The key word here is independent. Patients and prospective patients understand there is a difference between what they read at your website and what they read on these platforms. They place more credence on the 3rd party platforms.

The platforms include:

Google Plus Online Dentist Reviews

Yelp Online Dentist Reviews

Facebook Online Dentist Reviews

Health Grades Online Dentist Reviews

Zoc Doc Online Dentist Reviews

Dr. Oogle Online Dentist Reviews

Of the above listed review platforms for online dentist reviews, two of them matter more than all of the others combined.

An abundance of reviews means more patients showing up for free, more niche patients showing up for free, and more results from any and all marketing you do. The opposite (absence or heaven forbid overwhelmingly negative reviews) of course drive business away from a practice and damage all of its marketing efforts.

What constitutes an “abundance” depends on the market?

Here’s what an abundance of online dentist reviews look like in Dallas, Texas.

A hundred plus reviews is not even all that special in “Big D” AND while those practices no doubt feel pretty smug it’s also not all that difficult to get 200 and even 300 hundred reviews if you have a multi-doc office and understand how reviews really work and if you deploy a technology like the Text-to-Review smartphone app now available to our members.

Here’s what it looks like in Jacksonville, Florida.

Digital Word of Mouth Advertising Type 2 – Patient testimonials.

These can exist in a variety of formats online including: written, audio, and the most powerful, network TV quality video testimonials. If you are serious about niche dentistry, having professional shot and edited patient testimonials is part of the game.

Once a patient is inside an ethical selling process, what is shown to the patient via video testimonials of other patients is a very big deal since moving pictures and heartfelt stories matter a lot!

Ten years ago, online patient testimonials were the best and only form of digital word of mouth advertising. While they are still important, they now take a second row seat to online reviews.

If you’d like to understand more about where all of the above plugs into any practice focusing on full fee for service or niche case dentistry you’ll be interested in either this or this.

If you’d like to see how online dentist reviews fit into your practice, let’s have a personal discussion about it. You can book that time here.