Procedure TIDAL WAVES!!! – The reality of Dental Practice Marketing

Dental Practice Marketing

In this dental practice marketing series let’s discuss how all kinds of things cross yours and my inbox.  I love Dental-Town and Howard as they are always pitching something through my email box that’s interesting and of benefit to a percentage of the profession.

There are some amazing innovative techniques out there such as the Pin-hole procedure, All-on-4/6, Cerec, Fast Ortho techniques, etc. AND there are also 3 important questions you should always ask yourself before adding on more CE that comes with expensive “armamentarium” and complex protocols.

#1 –  “Do I have an abundant supply of existing patients sitting in my practice today for which Procedure X solves Problem Y and these patients are anxiously awaiting me as their doctor in shining armor to announce and deliver this solution to them?”

#2 – If your answer is no to #1, then ask, “Do I know how I’m going to get Procedure X that Solves Problem Y in front of enough of the public in ways that matter to THEM and NOT ME so this training makes sense?”

#3 – “If Procedure X routinely now means that treatment plans involving Procedure X are now averaging more than $5,000 do I have a REAL sales process that deals with the financial reality of this for the majority of the patients either in my practice now or that will arrive via my advertising/promotion?”

It’s very easy to get caught up in excitement that brings with it what I call the “Run Forrest Run” syndrome, where all kinds of balls are set in motion that may or may not bring you satisfaction, joy, income, etc.  So, please ask yourself these questions first!

Now, If you’re well equipped with any of these niche procedures and are a bit perplexed at how you get interest from the public and then sell them ethically and effectively without dumb discounting, the #1 training program giving you and your team REAL SALES PROCESS is at your disposal for dental practice marketing.

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