average dentists terminal dentitionsPast full-arch implant clinical skills which are easy to acquire and gaining the ability to “sell” cases that cost as much as a nice motorbike or a well equipped car, unless a practice secures professional specialty advertising assistance, the odds are stacked greatly against that practice having a regular supply of terminal dentition patients looking for full arch implant answers who are also willing to write a check for the fee involved (or for at least 50-75% of the fee if the Medicare oral surgery benefit is involved for our 65+ year old US patients).

Now, another advertising and sales truth, understood by few, is that many of these patients with terminal dentitions who enter treatment with one of our members due to our proven advertising and sales process will often say “I have a dentist” when asked such at their consultation appointments?

They say this….

…because their dentist doesn’t understand these modalities and often has little interest in understanding such due to professional laziness or out of a decision to stop serious professional learning. Because of such, they will not discuss this option/solution for treatment to that terminal dentition patient OR make a referral.

Strive for Exceptional Professionalism

These patients mark time in such practices being “baby-sat” in hygiene while deteriorating with time, having ongoing emergency treatment fighting the most current “fire,” being told and sold “patchwork dentistry,” or are in the “tooth of the year insurance club.”

Many of our member doctors report patients tell them “I wish my dentist knew what you know!” after they move over to our member’s practice for a solution.

While to you and I, this kind of news about lazy professionalism is depressing, the good news is patients who have this type of dentist will still seek treatment from someone more skilled and who has actual answers for their termination dentition if we advertise and sell to them ethically!

Why not make that someone you in your area?

Why not hear more patients tell you happily, “I’m grateful I finally found the right dentist to help me!”

Do you want to be THAT dentist?

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Full-Arch Program Testimonials

“Thanks to James and the Full Arch Program, we treat 1-2 full arch cases every week. I’ve decided to wait to retired because I’m having too much fun!”
– Dr. Joe M., Virginia

“The Full Arch Program with Medicare Option has given me the implant practice of my dreams.”
– Dr. F. A. Charlotte, NC