Fountain of Youth™ Denture–Cosmetic Denture Marketing

Costmetic denture marketing and the “Fountain of Youth™ Denture”.

New to the entry of cosmetic denture training is some folks here on the East Coast teaching a ” Fountain of Youth™denture which is essentially a gain getting the vertical/centric, lip support and tooth position correct.  Bravo to them for imparting better denture technique knowledge into the profession.

A number of our members have always promoted cosmetic dentures successfully, I did so in my clinical practice and we teach how to promote this procedure in our Niche Marketing System found here.

Believe it or not there are patients very interested in a denture where an immense amount of skill goes into what is a very very very (did I mention very) technique sensitive procedure and an endeavor for which most dentists have no clue for what there are looking for OR related to vertical, centric, tooth position, and occlusion specifically related to a removable device.

The private joke amongst those in the know in removable is that the pathway to illumination and true understanding of 3-dimensional relationships and tooth position is only through the complete cosmetic denture procedure.  Master that and everything else cosmetic in dentistry becomes far easier.

Ultimately making big promises about techniques like Facelifting or lower 1/3 of the face dimension change is about delivering on the promise.  So do NOT go from “I still have that lousy denture technique they taught me in dental school” to seeing an ad you can use and believing you simply need to “relabel” your current technique as cosmetic, tell the public, and you are good to go.  You will have a not so pleasant surprise finding out what happens in removable when expectations aren’t met.

As with most clinical programs, the promotion and selling is mostly an afterthought but they (Fountain of Youth™ guys) are attempting to  help those docs taking their classes with some basic marketing for the procedure.

How do you promote cosmetic dentures in your location via cosmetic denture marketing ?

Are you equipped with the selling abilities to actually lead a patient via ethical selling through discussions WHY they would choose this (something not cheap) over a rock bottom “dollar store” denture price down the road? If you need an ethical selling system to help you achieve higher case acceptance click here on my McAnally Selling System to learn more.

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