Ethical Selling Dentistry-Loss positioning of treatment options

ethical selling dentistry

In Ethical Selling Dentistry, loss positioning of treatment options encourages good patient choices based on the behavioral science of top minds around the world.

Heard of the Amos Tversky Survival and Thearpy Choice Scenario?  Dr. Sheena Iyengar explores this in ‘The Art of Choosing’ and it has profound implications for YOUR patient treatment plans and how ethical selling dentistry is applied.

If you want to help more patients choose better treatment, take the time to learn something new.  Influence and decision making behavioral science is now about 55 years old and the economic realities of practice are such that in order to thrive committing to learning this kind of information is no longer optional. The good old days of depending on insurance and doing one or two teeth treatments are a thing of the past.

My ethical selling dentistry program called the McAnally Selling System found here, is one of its kind. It is a proven system of checklists and marketing items which helps you attract more and better patients who need your best clinical skills.

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