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I would like to expand on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and dental implants, which we covered in our last post.

While artificial intelligence is not intended to replace dentists, it is already changing the way patients search for implant dentists.

I recommend trying the chat feature on Bing by searching for “dental implants near [your zip code].” You will notice that the results differ greatly from the traditional Google search, which is increasingly frustrating for patients these days.

It is important to also try the same exercise on Google. If your name does not appear in the top positions on the maps for local searches, it is ALREADY negatively affecting patient calls to your practice.

How Should Dentists Respond?

The good news is that this can be resolved without having to purchase Google or Facebook ads. In some ways, this is a refreshing change from the routine of the past 15 years in advertising.

However, it is important to note that responding to these artificial intelligence developments requires more than just having a Google Business Profile and cannot be done independently.

I would like to discuss the impact of this change on your local market and the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve. Let’s schedule a meeting to explore your options.

To have a free, private 1:1 discussion about AI and local search with Dr. McAnally (a $500 value), go here.

P.S. I wrote the first draft of this blog myself and then had ChatGPT rewrite for clarity. My writing is already in the top 5% of business writers. Giving the AI good starting source material results in a superior result. Why not provide the A.I. searches in your area by patients with the best source material so those AI assistants can feature YOU ahead of your competitors?

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