you have the power to harness artificial intelligenceArtificial Intelligence (AI), Selling Big Cases and Challenging Economies

What have I learned from 30+ years of running dental businesses and having my hand in hundreds of advanced clinical practices spending tons of money on advertising in great (and not so great) economies?

Well, the No. 1 business endeavor that made the most difference economically throughout these varying economies wasn’t the practices’ advertising; it was whether a practice possessed mastership level sales abilities in both sales process and sales leadership.

In down economies, it meant more money from the business flow, be it from existing patients or from any and all new prospects (referred patients or patients from advertising).

While this has held true for at those 30 years, the No. 1 business component missing from even some of the most amazing clinical practices (including to international lecturers), has been the lack of sales mastery. In other words, what really mattered the most, few possess!  

Right now, not only are we in a new and different type of uncertain economy but fundamentally, the online rules of patient acquisition are being disrupted and the old patterns are being destroyed.

How Technology Is Changing The Game

A.I., including voice activated searches via Alexa and Siri—plus the new ChatGPT A.I. bot at Microsoft—have already disrupted how digital ads work (and don’t work) at Google and Facebook in EVERY English speaking market.

In the face of these technology disruptions, person-to-person sales mastery is going to be even more important for the next phase of case sales.

How does one acquire this? Achieving sales mastery is much like earning a black belt in karate. It doesn’t happy overnight and it takes actual work. Furthermore, the guru who teaches you to become a black belt can only work with a few students at a time. Mass creation of mastery in selling or black belts is impossible.

As we are in an uncertain economy and I’m always at the forefront to help my peers who see that change is afoot, I’m opening my doors to work with FIVE doctors in North American who want to truly achieve sales mastery in their business. I can only handle five because this is 1:1 work – not 1:12s or 1:100s.

A Custom Consulting Program That Works

This consulting program (which is, again, 1:1) is designed to:

  1. Build a custom checklistbased sales process for big cases unique to your services, location, and treatment philosophy.
  2. To achieve mastery in the art and science of selling medium, large, and the largest cases with a high level of ethics.
  3. To give you the human skills you’ll need for success in the A.I. future that has arrived.
  4. Provide for a repeatable sales process to be followed consistently even with staffing changes.
  5. Give you tangible, physical materials to differentiate you and your services (today and for the future) from a sales and positioning perspective compared to competitors.
  6. Fight fee discounting and maintain base profitability with large cases
  7. Provide steps to move patients from outside the insurance system to a fee for service cash-based payment for services regardless of your insurance contracts
  8. Give you the ability to master sales process for dentists and achieve a 40-45% case acceptance rates for cases above the $10,000 mark
  9. Stop under-feeing your cases by at least 25% across the board. Example: If you presented and had $500,000 accepted in elective treatment last year, you acrtually LOST $125,000 in un-presented fee on that $500K! McAnally will show you how to permanently get that money off the table for the rest of your career.

I wish I could take on more than five students, but it is literally impossible for my schedule based on available time with other demands.

How To Get In

An application is required, not everyone is accepted. While this is a business course, I do look at clinical competency as I’m not going to unleash sales masters on patients who have questionable motivates.

The program fee is $2,497/month and there is a $500/month discount that is time delimited for seven days from the point we send your application.

Finally, if you have a fellowship or mastership in any advanced clinical capacity, then this program is really built for you. Sales mastery not only wins the day in all economies, but it is what allows the most clinically qualified providers to help the most patients with those skills.

To request an application, email me directly at with your full name and a cell phone number and we’ll get an application to you within 24 hours.