Dentistry Today names Dr. McAnally top dental consultant

In dental consultant news, Dentistry Today names Dr. James McAnally top consultant once again.

Newton (MA), Miami Beach (FL):  Dentistry Today, one of dentistry’s most widely distributed and read trade magazines has named Dr. James McAnally, CEO, Big Case Marketing and President, Master Dentists Academy as a top consultant.  This marks the 5th year, in a row, that the publication has named Dr. McAnally to its annual list for his expertise in marketing and promotion of professional practices and in ethical selling professional services.

He is dental consultant to his program members on his online one of a kind ethical selling dentistry program.

As a niche dental consultant, he helps his dentist members advertise their niche clinical skills to attract larger cases and patients who are looking for dentists with advanced clinical expertise.

In his role as dental consultant he advices that better dental case acceptance is the gateway to your practice success.

His unique, step-by-step check-list system for ethical selling (case acceptance) increases profits while increasing the total number of big cases you treat. Be you a generalist with specialty skills or board certified specialist, money isn’t your only motivation. But, the opportunity to make more while doing good with the cases you really enjoy and while reducing workload and hours are all big plus. Before he was a dental consultant he was an advanced clinician and using his proven selling and marketing strategies he helps other dentists do more of what they love.

He is author of top selling books on Amazon offering advice and his dental consultant strategies to dentists who want to attract patients who need and want expert dental skills.