Dental Practice Marketing- Apple and Best Buy

dental practice marketing

In dental practice marketing……..who do you want to be …Apple or Best Buy ??

It is no big surprise that big discounter Best Buy continues to head for the inevitable as they ignore the discounting tactics that always put a discounter out of business.  Increasing volume on decreasing margins.

Are you aware that there are solid laws regarding thinking about fees, margins, and then addressing this as part of your practice operation and dental practice marketing ?

Did you know that we provide help to our members so they understand the danger with discounting and how to approach it so it makes sense? You can find out more here.

I apply rules on fees and margins which my dentist members learn.

As a preview, here are the top 6 things that damage all dental practice margins…..

I also show my program members why “context” is a big deal with whatever you are selling. If you don’t think so? Just ask Apple, Starbucks, or Williams-Sonoma.

They’ve got this nailed and the lessons are there for everyone to apply. Learn from my website how to advertise your niche correctly. My systems  are designed to put $60K in added revenue into an average practice within 60 days after application.

Their history is having been designed to return our top level consulting program (Elite) member investment ($60K over 20 months) to those in that Program shortly after enrollment.

FYI:  In case, you didn’t get the memo, the world has changed a lot, everyone is accessing information differently.

As an example, current Wall Street types get up at 2 in the morning to monitor the real time data coming from other parts of the world so they are ahead of everyone else when the opening bell sounds in NY.

While there’s no need for any of us to change our sleeping habits, there are a lot of things that have moved on that must addressed in each and every practice’s communications and how it sells itself to prospective patients and patients by the correct dental practice marketing.

Practices who aren’t in the process of fixing this NOW do not have a fun future ahead……

As part of our adapting to technology, we’ve made our foundational training in available in this unique format.  It’s become our most popular Program.   It’s also the best thing I could ever do for the profession, so I’m proud of making it available 24/7 to every corner of the globe…….

So….how is your dental practice marketing going

Are you a Best Buy in the ditch or getting appropriate margins. Are you a  Do’er and adapter or lame and lazy…….

Choice is yours……

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