Does Patient Education Work and dental marketing ideas?

dental practice ideas

When considering dental marketing ideas and whether patient education works, consider the following-

No beating around the bush on this….here’s what “education” really means:

*Case Reports
*Case Presentations
*Well written materials about your practice
*Videos-especially simple
*Hygiene visits
*Snail Mail
*Follow-up Calls

…the list is actually endless…


My perception in the area of dental marketing ideas and theories is that there IS a time and a place for patient education and it is RARELY effective when communicated to the general public. (ANYONE OTHER THAN INACTIVE AND ACTIVE PATIENTS)

…and an EVEN BIGGER ONE TAKE AWAY…it almost NEVER works when you talk to a new patient about something UNRELATED to what motivated THEM to see you in the first place.  THEY DON’T CARE about what you care about. They do not care about the clinical aspect of what brought them to your door.

Here is another of my dental marketing ideas-Patients don’t want to be educated.  The drop in smoking rates has more to do with price and restriction of advertising than it has to do with education.

Obesity and diabetes are going up up up even though “education” is abundant.  The stuff contributing to this madness is widely available, cheap, and heavily promoted.  While Bloomberg’s efforts may be misguided on this he has figured out that the education is not working.

So for dental patients…especially new ones…..start wherever it is they want to start and with whatever it was that go them to call.  [It’s understood that they want cleanliness, procedures that work, and a pain free experience so those are a given!]

In a “should be” world EVERYBODY would be interested in prevention and restoring things back to perfection but in the REAL world…not so much.

I don’t know who said this first but it’s an astute directive on dealing with this kind of reality.  “Build a bridge and GET OVER IT.”  A double entendre, which, for those getting over their hang-ups on this education in their practice, ironically, go on to help far more patients than those sticking to the education model and using my dental marketing ideas.

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