When the clinical and non-clinical skills are aligned using Ethical Selling Dentistry

ethical selling dentistry

Using my ethical selling system has worked unbelievably well for me when I was in practice and now for my program members who rave how well my systems have worked for them.

And guess what happens when you have an alignment of: good clinical skills, decent personality, being a bit more “out there” with putting a well thought out message about better services out into the market, and having a solid foundation for Ethical Selling Dentistry ?

Well….here’s what one of our member dentists has to say…

“Dear Colleague,

After about 1 year to the day of studying The McAnally Selling System for Big Case Marketing/Master Dentists Academy, we launched our first print ad campaign in two local newspapers.

We had done some external advertising before, poorly organized, and to nobody’s surprise, it was not a success.

With our new, better educated and better planned campaign, we had over 100 calls in the first 2 weeks.

Yesterday we had our first Free Consult day, and scheduled 6 cases at $30,000.00 each.

I can hardly believe it, even as I type it.

We are still learning and modifying our process, but we would never had reached this level of success without Larry, James, Amber and the training my Team and I got through The McAnally Selling System.

Thank you so much.

Dr Michael S.
Ottawa, Ontario Canada”

While Michael could have done things faster (3-6 months), he likes to do things at his pace. We are there to help each practice member go at their own pace to learn my ethical selling dentistry system.

How many of the above alignments do you have or are willing to get if you don’t have them?

The first step to your success could be by checking out my #1 best selling book on Amazon or do like Michael did and visit my website.