Dental Practice Marketing and Ethical Selling Outcomes

Dental Practice Marketing

When it comes to dental practice marketing outcomes….What’s in YOUR Head?

Sometimes I wonder what’s really going through most dental business owner’s minds…..

On one hand, the writing has been clearly visible on the wall for a very long time —routine general dentistry, when you’re signed up as “preferred” anything, is being performed at lower and lower margins and higher overheads on a year-on-year comparison basis. Been that way for two plus decades!

The only path to a more successful business under that “scheme,” as the Brits would put it, is work faster and faster and “make it up on volume.” The problem is that what you do is NOT scalable. That is where dental practice marketing comes in, especially as an independent dentist.

If you’re wondering what that model looks like with continuing to believe you can scale it is simply pay close attention at your physician’s office or read the news about medicare (it’s in the business pages….an actual section in the newspaper).

On the other hand, you have a report, like the following, which is one year of stats from one of our member practice’s focusing on ethical selling and the use of scientific marketing so that his services are a “specialty/niche” product sold at appropriate fees.

The result for his dental practice marketing was as follows: average case size $12K at 50-55% margins. This is not in a “rich” market. In fact, selling in an environment where patient mindset is more socialized than what the average U.S. dentist experiences.

Compared to those laboring under the conditions in the “faster pussycat faster” scenario, he has a much different daily reality and a happiness quotient with his experience as a professional. He started his journey to arrive at today’s point about two years ago. Where would you be if you were that wise two years ago or had got off the fence with your decision making?

I’m going to be generous with the average dentist. While, for a few, this issue of being trapped in a decaying model is due to either sloth or “I’m just boo-hoo and have a one person pity party (actually usually expanding the pity party to make those around them miserable too!) and then blame everyone else” behavior.

For the majority, though, it has been of simple ignorance, not knowing where to look (professional organizations not clearly saying who to pay attention to), and fear of making mistakes. FYI–The more you read things coming from us, the less you can claim to being in the latter.

Ultimately, the first step to any improvement in the above scenario is all back to a solid foundation in ethical selling–you simply can not move on to anything better than the treadmill without it. That’s truly tour choice…….

ATTENTION: Dental Trendsetters.

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[Notice I did not say FREE. Those feeling that trendsetters deserve free are neither a trendsetter nor mature enough as a business owner (yet) to know that things acquired for nothing are never fully appreciated. A  mindset difference between those who have a lot more of what they want from life and professions than those who don’t!]

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