Ethical Selling Dentistry and Sticker shock when presenting fees

ethical selling dentistry

Using my proven ethical selling dentistry system, program members avoid the horror of sticker shock during case presentation.

Every month in our member publications we discuss key things that one can do to make practice infinitely easier when it comes to promotion and ethical selling dentistry.

Here’s two that I recently reviewed on our list of 39 tenets which is now published and for sale on Amazon, that most in the profession have no clue on but that make real differences in whether you do better cases beyond single teeth.

Did you know there are ways to make sure that no one is ever surprised by a fee?

What about the fact that hard behavioral science shows how pricing must be discussed so it doesn’t damage good decision making?  In fact, an order of how prices are delivered and a step by step system I have developed in my own practice for ethical selling dentistry which my program members use with enormous success.

If you said no to any of the above, you’re not alone.  Most won’t understand these things and in fact don’t even care because they’re too tied up with the mechanical aspect of what they do………even though as business owners they should be aware that marketing and ethical selling dentistry systems are a must to do bigger and more satisfying cases.

The easiest way to get going with making sure you understand and utilize what real science has to say when it comes to promotion and selling is starting with a good foundation for ethical selling dentistry.

Why not start and check out my website here.