Dental Practice Marketing and what you need to know about dental conformity in mindset

Dental practice marketing

Why do some dentists using dental practice marketing tools break free from conformity in the areas that matter and others don’t?

At least one reason is because of the unfounded fear of leaving behind what everyone else is doing even though they are wrong.

Becoming a dentist often results in thinking and behavioral patterns of conformity.  When it comes to basic, standardized services, this is actually a good thing.  Public trust in all licensed professions rests on being able to get basic services delivered in a reliable and expected fashion.  For this limited scope, conformity is fine.

However, once basic is left behind, conformity in thinking, especially in the arenas of non-clinical matters, is a deadly disease and a disease epidemic that has infected too many dental professionals.  Hardening of the mental arteries is the worst thing that can occur to any dentist.  Unfortunately, most are hardened to the point that no bypass, catheter, or medication can fix. As a consequence of this, fewer dentists choose to think and act differently and correctly in marketing and selling and the business of dental practice marketing.  They stay hardened in their conformity even though the consequences of discounted fees and being tyrannized by insurance that come as a consequence are painful in every respect. More dentists need to get into the mindset that they are running a business and as such need to market to the public like every other business.

Using dental practice marketing tools that I have developed those choosing to formulate “unique reason why” and to market and sell their way to Liberty and end the tyranny insurance has over them can find they feel lonely as a result even while they watch their colleagues behave like lemmings.

One side effect of being a member of our training programs or alumni of a program is the elimination of this feeling of loneliness.  They finally feel like they have found others they have a bond with in their efforts because of their successful use of dental practice marketing.

There’s a word for this and it’s called Fraternity.  Doctors find ours a Fraternity built for real grown-ups and decided professionals who’ve chosen to do what’s right for themselves and their patients and to enjoy FULL fee dentistry utilizing their best skills and training. To learn more about this you can check out my #1 best selling book on Amazon.

So, there’s nothing to fear.  There are others taking the same actions needed.

Why not join their ranks and check out my dental practice marketing info on my website.