Dental Practice Sales-REAL you versus ROLE you

dental practice sales

In dental practice sales you must separate the role you play as a competent dental clinician from the person you really are outside of the practice,  the real person whom everyone else knows in your personal life.

The difference between the REAL-you versus ROLE-you

These two words create a lot of issues for dentists.  Too often we get caught up in believing that our REAL (self identity) you is the same person as our ROLE (performance in a role) person. For dental practice marketing and case presentation these two persona’s must be kept completely separate in order to achieve your higher case acceptance and to effectively close more cases.

When doctors get frustrated with patients buying or not buying (yes dental case presentation) they often times believe it’s some issue with their fundamental self (the REAL you) and as such they get down on themselves because the patient said NO.  In reality, it’s simply failing in a ROLE related to sales OR failure to delegate that role to someone fully capable of handling it. In dental practice sales you cannot take the patient not buying personally. I have proven check-lists and sales systems which can help you avoid feeling this way.

Reality #1:  We all fail in ROLES meaning there is always room for improvement.

Reality #2:  Failure in any ROLE does not decrease your intrinsic self-worth.

An understanding and awareness of these two words and their realities will bring more clarity to your life, less stress, and more happiness. At the very least you could check out my #1 best selling book on Amazon to help you deal with this problem in your dental practice sales.

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