Dentist Excuse Quote #1 in Dental Practice Time Management

dental practice time management

When it comes to dental practice time management, excuses kill the practice’s bottom line and finances.

As humans, we use excuses way more than we think. Sometimes explicitly to others and more often simply in our own heads.

Excuses keep us “right” or at least make us believe we are.

Excuses reduce the need to think differently or change. This is THE #1 risk to independent professionals like you.

…ultimately excuses also keep us from inventing, migrating, or creating the life we want.

I’m calling June the official “dentist’s month of excuses” and featuring one per week…

This week’s excuse quote is this…

“He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.”
-Ben Franklin If you aren’t getting the fee’s you would like or see the patients you would like, what is your excuse for not fixing that ?

Dentists in my program do not need excuses. They have proven marketing materials which bring the patients to them. Once the consult is made they have my #1 ethical selling system checklist to carefully guide the patient to choosing the right option for their best dental health.  From the phone call to the insert, everything is handled for my dentist members. They report a large increase in dental case acceptance and bigger cases being done.

No more excuses !! Check out my book on Amazon to get going or go on my website if you want to stop making excuses.