Patients Don’t Trust Anyone-Ethical Selling Dentistry is here to help

ethical selling dentistry

Ethical Selling Dentistry is here to counter all of the following:

Patients don’t trust you.  Why should they?

Patients Don’t Trust Anyone:  What Are You Really Doing to Counter It?

Here’s a few recent headlines from across the medical spectrum that deliver the point all too well.  AND…..these are just the stories that make it to the top (WSJ/NY TIMES).  Just imagine the hundreds happening at the local level!

And by the way just because a headline is about physicians gaming the system doesn’t matter as patients see you in the same boat.  Guilt by association—fundamental human behavior that protected the tribe in eons past.

‘Top Spine Surgeons Reap Royalties, Medicare Bounty’  Cliff Notes:  Spine surgeons steering patients into devices they receive kick-backs from implanting.  Disgusting.

‘Radiation Worries for Children in Dentists Chairs’  Cliff Notes:  Manufacturers understating or skipping radiation as part of their sales presentations instead pushing that these devices boost case acceptance.  Professionals (particularly orthodontists—“Kid’s find the scans fun!”) forgetting that they’re role is also that of scientist and skeptic.  A black eye on the profession.  The ADA, Orthodontic and Implant Academies caught like deer in headlights.

‘Confidentiality Cloaks Medicare Abuse’  Cliff Notes:  Highlights those physicians who’ve figured out how to game medicare to the tune of millions in fraudulent billings.   The winner here in Miami-Dade having moved on from his fraud based practice to one where he writes pain scripts for cash.  Nauseating.

‘A Device to Kill Cancer, Lift Revenue’  Cliff Notes:  Urologists self-referring and recommending a prostate cancer procedure (the most expensive one) that they happen to have the equipment to deliver that procedure with.  Pathetic.

All of the above illustrate a few glaring issues in both the medical and dental professions:  1) the vast majority not being willing to learn to ethically sell based on known human behavior—yes you can help patients make choices to do good things for themselves—but you have to learn how to do that via the ethical selling dentistry system—-there are no short cuts, 2) when there’s no skin in the game and the money is free, less than professional behavior is rewarded,  3) becoming dependent on devices to sell versus building relationships is a complete cop-out, and 4) boards and regulators chasing the wrong parties (those announcing credentials or marketing solutions to very real problems) versus those (literally) stealing cash.

For the highly trained, and the highly ethical, here’s the good news.  There are ways to counter all of this (in fact, we show our member doctors how to go about just that so that they have patient trust and patient’s are happy with their treatment and happy to write big checks because of my especially developed ethical selling dentistry program).

But, If you aren’t working specifically on how you counter this (besides burying your head and ignoring it) your patients don’t trust you—and based on what’s visible to the public, until you’ve made your case and presented your trust evidence—-they shouldn’t trust you.

For the dentist (heck, we’ll even let physicians come too), our McAnally Selling System is for you.  Designed for those the most serious about countering all the un-trust out there.  Result:  You get  to do good things for more patients using the ethical selling dentistry program.

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