Middle Class Dentistry a sinking ship-Ethical Selling Dentistry a must !

Ethical Selling Dentistry

Ethical selling dentistry is a must for every dentist who realizes that the middle class ship is sinking.

Those inside the McAnally Selling System world, often hear discussions about why it’s more important know than ever to learn to systematically and ethically.

This is from today’s WSJ—not “liberal” by any means (well maybe if you are a John Bircher….) has a nice concise summary of the exact thing I’ve been pointing out to our member dentists.


Here’s what Alan Binder, Princeton Economist and tax/wage trend expert has to say about middle class wages—classically the bread and butter that kept dentists in champagne and fur…..

“Wages. When it comes to wages, the basic story of recent decades is redolent of Scrooge. Real average hourly earnings (excluding fringe benefits) now stand roughly at 1974 levels. Yes, that’s right, no real increase in over 35 years. That is an astounding, dismaying and profoundly a historical development. The American story for two centuries was one of real wages advancing more or less in line with productivity. But not lately. Since 1978, productivity in the non farm business sector is up 86%, but real compensation per hour (which includes fringe benefits) is up just 37%.”  The rest of the article has the real story on our tax situation—again not from a liberal or conservative viewpoint but the reality of taxes across the economic spectrum.

THIS one item (the wage one) says one thing to dentists……aiming for the “average” middle class, routine care patient is a losing proposition now AND the trend is not good.  Their buying power and wage is sinking.  There’s no moaning or groaning by you or I or any grand poo-pah at the ADA that’s going to fix that.

The only solution for those that want to stay on top of their clinical education (1st class CE), upgrade technology when necessary, and using ethical selling dentistry systems to be able to deliver and beyond dentistry is to promote themselves, qualify patients, and ultimately, systematically and ethically sell their best services to those who are not stuck in the wage growth pot-hole.  Most dentists ignore the data in front of their nose and then wonder why each year gets more and more difficult.  Duh.  It’s the economics, stupid.

Ignoring those items means you had better be ready to man your life raft……the only other way is to implement my ethical selling dentistry systems who reach out to clients who need your best clinical skills and are happy to pay you the fees for your care and judgement. Go here to see what my program members are doing.

For those not ignoring them, the golden age continues to get even better……Check out my #1 top selling book on Amazon.