Dental Marketing Ideas-Email Open Rates – Only Fools Have Stopped Regular Mail

Dental Practice Ideas

When discussing dental marketing ideas with program members, I advise them that regular mail is still the way to go when reaching out for prospective clients who need their clinical skills and care. While many think e-mail is the way to go, we have learned that it is not a helpful as you would think.

The latest numbers are in for consumers opening e-mail messages and there are lessons there for every practice.  [These numbers from the Direct Marketing Association which I am a member of.]

Overall open rates were consistent at 22% in Q3, and click rates were up 0.2% to 5.4% in the quarter, according to the report, which looked at more than 5 billion e-mails sent from July through September. The average volume of e-mails sent per client increased by 10.2% year-over-year.  Roughly 5 Billion e-mails sent…..

James comment:  88% of e-mails UNOPENED!  If you expect an action (click) with the opened email 94.6% of those opened do NOT click through.

E-mail volume increase 10.2% year-over year.

James Comment:  E-mail boxes are crammed full.  Delete key has high level of activity. So how do you combat that……..simple dental marketing ideas like sending regular old mail which you know will reach the mailbox of your targeted patients. By the way we have a program who helps our members send a huge shock and awe mailer that stands out from the remaining mail in the mailbox and members report great success with the amount of prospective patients calling for information and a consult.

E-mails categorized as service or transactional messages, such as purchase confirmations, account service messages or triggered alerts, had a higher performance, with open rates at 37.3%, according to the report.

James Comment:  Even credit card and bills are unopened in the majority of cases.

Bottom Line:  Anyone talking from the podium about the end of needing to mail your patients and prospective patients offline should be immediately asked “what are you smoking?!?”

My dental marketing ideas and systems have proven that you should stay with regular old mail and know for sure at least that you are reaching prospective clients.

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