dental marketing big case expertise practiceWhen it comes to niche full arch implant service advertising, it’s important to have a market exclusive relationship for both the ads bringing your cases and the strategies employed on your behalf that are specific to your market location.

Here’s why.

What Successful Implant Marketing Takes

With all All-on-X, it’s a numbers game.

It takes…

  • …so many phone calls to that lead to…
  • …so many consults that lead to…
  • …so many complete dental physicals that ultimately generate the desire number of monthly  case starts.

Whether the goal is 3, 6, 12, or 30 arches per month, we have a fairly certain idea of how many prospective patients we need to get to your phone from the advertising to wind up with the cases you desire each month.  It’s the same for you, your competitor down the street, or for the nearest ClearChoice center.

It’s a numbers game for everyone seeking these cases and as such why would you want the best agency working not only with you but with competitors. It’s for this exact reason you can’t work with ClearChoice’s exclusive agency.

The Difference-Maker

Why would any of us in this business of advertising to generate these cases want to give the keys to the castle to anyone else once we have secured a practice in a market location?  Why would you permit anyone to share those keys to the castle?

Each of our participating practices has a protected market area.  If we didn’t do this, there would be a real risk of diluting the number of phone calls interested in the All-on-X procedure.

Beyond your protected market area, if there is some local competitor that you really want to make sure is excluded from the program, we can have a personal discussion about your area and make that a reality.

Click here to have your one-on-one discussion about this with Dr. McAnally.

Full-Arch Program Testimonials

“James, please turn off your full arch implant ads! We have so many cases right now we can’t keep up. Two back to back record months in my 25 year career this summer. October already has $90K on the books and we are routinely presenting three $50K cases every week. Having fun but so busy!”
– Dr. Kathy C., Buffalo, NY

“The Full Arch Program with Medicare Option has given me the implant practice of my dreams.”
– Dr. F. A. Charlotte, NC