dental marketing all-on-xTo treat All-on-X cases regularly, it’s mandatory that you have effective specialty All-on-X advertising and operate your sales process at a level similar to ClearChoice (e.g MBA Level).

To treat a LOT of cases, you have to be more credible than others around you who are also advertising to the public for All-on-X cases.

The more local competition there is, the more credible you need to be seen as compared to other choices around you.

What Is Credibility?

Credibility can be easily engineered with guidance.

Credibility means how you position your skills, practice environment, technique, AND in what patients say about your All-on-X treatment and in how these details are given to patients (strangers) who are considering you versus others.

Take two identical practices that advertise All-on-X and if one “wrote the book” they are automatically above everyone else in their market area. Yes, it’s available at BUT that’s not even what’s important. What’s important is hat HE has the book and his competitor does not. This type of credibility impacts sales and the number of cases.

BTW – a book is not the first step with credibility. There are other basic moves needed first. Again, these are things provided simply as part of being a client of record for our specialty advertising agency.

The Full Arch Program’s Credibility Benefits

Being a part of the Full Arch Program gives you access to whatever is necessary (including a book) to make you more of an expert than all the others around you.

That’s far beyond the basic premise of the Program which is delivering 3 or 6 arches of All-on-X to you every month through our proven advertising and through a proven MBA level sales process.

This is one more thing that sets us apart from all the others behind us as an agency.

Whether you are interested in only 3 additional arches every month or 2 arches every day, we have you covered as your specialty advertising agency.

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Full-Arch Program Testimonials

“James, please turn off your full arch implant ads! We have so many cases right now we can’t keep up. Two back to back record months in my 25 year career this summer. October already has $90K on the books and we are routinely presenting three $50K cases every week. Having fun but so busy!”
– Dr. Kathy C., Buffalo, NY

“The Full Arch Program with Medicare Option has given me the implant practice of my dreams.”
– Dr. F. A. Charlotte, NC