heal patients full arch implantsI need your help so that me and my team and you and your team can heal more patients in the coming 12 months.

You see…we are in the same business as you. THE HEALING BUSINESS!

At the end of the day, we are here to heal patients and we do that week by week by sending patients in need of full arch implants to doctors like you who want to see implant cases by way of our proven advertising agency work.

Redefining ‘Good’

A little known secret of why I decided in 2004 to send patients to other dentists via this business focusing specifically on full arch implant case advertising and sales process for full arch implant cases was that I had an epiphany on just how inconsequential my efforts were with me as one solo dentist treating implant patients.

You see….when I was practicing full time focusing on major implant cases, if we had a “good year,” my team and I would treat 50-60 arches or so which translates into about 40 patients in a year.

While 60 arches is very respectable and I felt super fancy at the time, the reality is that my one doc shop treating that many patients wasn’t really making that much of a difference versus if I could multiple myself by 30, 40, or even 50+ providers where each of these doctors would treat at least as many and hopefully even more cases than we would (especially now that guided surgery has reduced the time factor immensely).

Potential for Positivity

When one thinks about the millions of patients who need full arch implant treatment, my 60 cases weren’t doing that much to really solve the bigger national problem.

My epiphany was that If I REALLY wanted to help the most patients possible, it was not going to be by my two hands in one office but by having dozens and dozens and dozens of other hands around the world treating patients month after month.

Last year, we sent just over 3200 arches to our members AND to me that is still woefully inadequate!!!

In order to heal even more arches, we need MORE members like you in new areas around the country and world so that we can advertise and send patients who predictably respond to our specialty advertising to competent clinicians for All-on-X treatment.

What Needs to Happen for More Healing

The bottom line: We need more clinicians just like you!!!

Would you be willing to take your minimum share of 36 arches in the coming 12 months??

You see, 36, is the minimum commitment I expect from each new member to be a part of our program where patients get healing from our member doctors.

Ten new members = 360 or more arches (or more) and THAT is real progress in healing!

If you are ready to treating 36 (or more arches) every year of patients who we know need help in your local area, go here.

Again…3200 arches every 12 months across our member network is pretty darn good but in the big picture…why don’t we as a group, with you as a member, aim for 5,000 or even 10,000 arches in a year?!?

The patients are there we just need more dedicated clinicians like YOU!

The more arches we treat, the more everyone wins and the more POSITIVITY we bring into this world!!

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Full-Arch Program Testimonials

“James, please turn off your full arch implant ads! We have so many cases right now we can’t keep up. Two back to back record months in my 25 year career this summer. October already has $90K on the books and we are routinely presenting three $50K cases every week. Having fun but so busy!”
– Dr. Kathy C., Buffalo, NY

“The Full Arch Program with Medicare Option has given me the implant practice of my dreams.”
– Dr. F. A. Charlotte, NC