The Independent Dentist-Is the Solo Dental Practice a Dinosaur?

Independent dentist

Some think that the independent dentist or the solo dental practice is a dinosaur.

American dentistry is trending toward more group practices doing more insured dentistry for lower fees. Some believe that independent dentists and solo practices, offering custom fee-for-service treatment, are waning.

Big Case Marketing believes the opposite. We see solo practices which have a strong sales system and effective niche marketing in place prospering.

Of course, some portion of the population is limited regarding what it can afford to spend or is willing to spend on dental care. Many offices are fighting to serve the mass market controlled by insurers. Independent dentists competing for the mass market are finding the going rough in terms of patient flow and profit margins.

However, there is another portion of the population wanting the “best”. This group is willing to pay more for their dental care and seek out providers who can and will deliver the level of service they want.

This discriminating market has largely been ignored by corporate group practices, private group practices and stuck-in-the-mud small offices, providing a golden opportunity for offices having appropriate sales and marketing skills in place. This is where the independent dentist can take advantage of our marketing strategies and our sales systems. You can learn more from my best selling book on Amazon.

Big Case Marketing refers to those dental offices catering to the more discriminating segment of the population as “The Five Percent”.

If you are currently in “The Five Percent” or want to join it contact Big Case Marketing. We can help you formulate a plan to attract and gain acceptance for the full-fee comprehensive dentistry ignored by your competition. You can learn more about our sales system here.