implant casesWithin 18 months of founding our Program, we surpassed ClearChoice with the number of practice locations in North America.

Then they opened a few new centers and went back to being #1, then we quickly regained the upper hand and have continued to add 1-2 new locations monthly.  Since then, we go back and forth.

And of course, outside of the industry gorilla (ClearChoice), no one else ever comes even close to how many doctors we have worked with for cases (and continue to work with as an ad agency).

The Difference with Full-Arch Cases

The more doctors we have getting cases via our advertising the better our ads become, the better the ads perform, the more efficient our ads are in Google’s relevancy pricing system, and the better all of our member locations do.  Remember, these are 100% independent docs practicing as they wish versus some corporate bobble-head environment.

One thing we also did early on was to unravel the mystery of getting Medicare payments for oral surgery services. This give our doctors a sales advantage that no ClearChoice (or or other competitor) can duplicate.

In fact, our docs with this tool can choose to undercut a competitor’s cases and the treatment plan fee (when necessary) and still get paid more thanks to the reimbursement on these patients from Medicare insurance.

This gives us a have a new population of patients calling our doctors that no one in dentistry has successfully tapped into with this procedure.

To discuss all of this with Dr. McAnally in a one-on-one consultation session, schedule a time here. (The first session is free!)

Full-Arch Program Testimonials

“James, I’ve realized that after adopting your sales process for the implant cases in my practice that we have been leaving 25-50% of our fees on the table. I wish I had discovered you and your training 20 years ago!”
– Dr. Greg Sawyer, Los Gatos, CA

“The Full Arch Program with Medicare Option has given me the implant practice of my dreams.”
– Dr. F. A. Charlotte, NC