professional dental implant sales all-on-xHere is the reality “out there” in clinical land.

Very few dentists have adequate clinical training (surgical or restorative) in the newest immediate loading modalities. The list of why this is the case is more than what’s possible to cover in a short e-letter.

This inadequate knowledge about new full arch implant modalities and/or lack of actual training is bad for patients who interact with the average clinician.

A Better Approach

For those who are interested in implantology and who do take the time to learn these methods of treatment, this lack of curiosity and interest by clinicians in your area and around your practice is actually a benefit should you opt to begin advertising for these cases with our proven specialty advertising agency work that delivers a flow of patients needing All-on-X.


Well, the reality is there are patients around your practice right now who already “have a dentist” who simply need to see our proven advertising message to leave their current dentist and seek help from you for long-standing problems that immediate loading techniques like All-on-X provide.

“Gee doc, I sure wish my other dentist had told me about this years ago!”

Sadly, this one detail, dentists not knowing much about what’s possible clinically with new implant therapies, is also bad for patients.

How so?

Well, their lack of understanding prevents them from referring and/or sharing the good news with their patients who TRUST them!

RESULT: millions of patients lack an answer for dental frustrations they have had for years as they continue to be “baby-sat” by a dis-interested dentist who only sees fillings and crowns.

[If you are a reader who has no interest in learning how to perform these techniques, please be professional and still offer this to patients who can benefit on a referral basis!]

Additional Obstacles

Past the clinical, which is the easiest problem to resolve, even fewer practice owners understand how to achieve routine case acceptance at appropriate fees for treatment plans involving full arch implants. What’s missing of course is a university-level sales course that teaches sales process design for professional selling.

Case fees START at the price of a nice BMW or Ducati motorcycle or at just above the cost of a decently loaded Toyota Camry and can go to the price of a Mercedes S Class!

Now, this comparison of pricing to cars will get under quite a few readers’ skins but patients think in these terms and THAT is the reality out in big-boy/big-girl land. If this kind of price comparison bugs you, get over it and you’ll do more cases!

Statistically, most dentists have never had a patient write them a check for $25,000 and yet that’s a common fee for one All-on-X arch.

Advanced Concept: If you embrace how patients think and work with that reality, you’ll do more cases and help more patients.

Very soon (after another All-on-X Practice Success Case Study which is coming up)…

The Secret to All-on-X Success

I’ll have an uncomfortable question for you related to money that greatly impacts the number of full arch cases the most highly trained clinicians do in their practices and more importantly how many you will treat in yours!

If you are qualified clinically right now to treat these cases and you want to treat at least 3 more arches per month, let’s have a discussion about just that.

Click here to have your one-on-one discussion about all of this with Dr. McAnally.

All-on-X Program Testimonials

“Thanks to the Full Arch Program, even during the health crisis we’ve had a record quarter and a record $300K collection month. I only wish I had started with Big Case years earlier!”
– Dr. Bill L., North Carolina

“The Full Arch Program with Medicare Option has given me the implant practice of my dreams.”
– Dr. F. A., Charlotte, NC