Want a dental implant only practice?

The keys to a dental implanvology practice

dental implant only practice or having at least a practice with significantly more full arch dental implant cases is the dream of many clinicians.  If this describes you, the above graphic literally gives away the secret to getting from where you are now to a practice with many full arch dental implant cases or to having a practice devoted to dental implantology.

My unique history is that I built my own personal implant only practice and while doing so discovered the interplay in these factors through very expensive and sometimes painful personal education on that journey to my personal dental implant only practice.  This unique background gives me insight as the owner of a dental implant specialty advertising agency that no one else in the industry or niche can match.

Now as the leader of a specialty dental implant advertising agency and sales consulting group, my team and I have been building dental implant only practices with our member dentists for 15+ years.  Throughout that time,  I’ve seen the validity of the graphic I designed play out positively and negatively too many times to count. Your success (or failure) at creating either a practice with a major implant dentistry component or one entirely focused on dental implantology and full arch dental implant cases is directly tied to this visual.

Understand and live by the rules laid out here from the graphic and you will flourish with an abundance of full arch implant cases (e.g. All-on-4) and you can choose to have a practice with a lot more full arch implant cases or even a dental implant only practice.

Ignore this and in a year or two (or 5 or 10) you’ll still be wondering why you aren’t seeing the implant cases you would like or you may have even given up on a dream related to to full arch. implant cases!

Let’s run through each factor in the graphic as part of giving you a solid foundation for understanding why a small minority of all those with full arch implant clinical skills are the ones treating the majority of full arch implant cases (i.e. All-on-4).


Specialty level dental implant clinical skills are a given – and patients take this for granted.  If you are not trained to handle 80% of the cases that would present from full arch specialty advertising, get your training in order since it’s very predictable to find patients in terminal dentitions with our specialty full arch dental implant advertising.

If you happen to be credentialed with an implant academy (e.g. AAID or ICOI) or have obtained the highest clinical credential in the specialty of implanvology (ABOI Diplomate) then those designations can matter to patients but ONLY when they are handled correctly inside the sales and leadership circles.  Standing alone, unto themselves, unattached to sales process, the credentials mean very little to patients even though a lot of time, energy, and money went into obtaining those designations.


Specialty full arch dental implant advertising is a must.  Full arch dental implant (All-on-4) advertising doesn’t waste time with branding. It focuses on what patients (especially those with terminal dentitions) need and want to know. This type of problem solution advertising motivates them to take a step to contact your practice versus many other options in the market. Without this type of dental implant advertising happening month after month, you’ll never keep your case pipeline full. Full arch implant cases, such as All-on-4, are a 100% advertising driven service for those treating multiple arches every month or week.  Those who have mostly or only dental implant practices have specialty dental implant advertising running 49 weeks per year.

Specialty sales processes to close calls to consults from effective advertising. Specialty sales processes that position you as a most trusted patient advisor as patients walk through the ‘case presentation’ process face to face with you and your team.  Both are musts in the dental implantology practice.  This one thing (sales process) can mean 2X the number of full arch dental implant cases on the exact same advertising dollars OR can allow a lower advertising budget (sometimes 50% less) while still delivering on a 3 full arch case goal minimum.

This one thing will also make or break success at having a mostly implant focused practice or an implanvology only practice.


Well, with the full arch dental implant case, we are asking patients to buy something that they can’t demonstrated in their home, at work, or at a restaurant. It’s also going to cost them the price of a nice motorcycle or reasonably nice car!  Minimum fees routinely start at $10,000 per arch and can go to $40,000 per arch.

Out of ignorance, highly educated dental implant clinicians operate businesses with no real sales process built for these price points.  The typical routine is to simply use the same processes used for an insurance patient with a $1,000 crown treatment plan.  These are two very very different things and the rules and steps are very different.

Those with sales processes built for the price point of the full arch dental implant case do more cases and can see 75% dental implant case acceptance rates.

If you aren’t willing to at least be as good as any local corporate competitor (e.g. ClearChoice) at sales process, this is not a game for you and you can’t expect to ever develop an implant only practice.

Don’t fear though, sales process is really about how you manage patient interactions and the written down steps that are followed.  It isn’t scary especially once you know what the pro’s know and do and have brought those details into your practice with your team.  It’s a professional life game changer for every highly skilled implantologist that finally comes behind the veil of what is appropriate for sales proceess for these cases.  Step into any fast moving dental implanvology practice and you’ll see a focus on ethical sales and the use of sound sales principles and document sales process steps.


Sound administrative processes are a must in a dental implantology practice. This encompasses all the basics for practice operations since the patient experience impacts TRUST.  It also encompasses the ongoing follow-up on prospective implant patients who contacted your practice previously but were not ready to proceed with a consult when they first ‘raised their hand’ to an advertisement.  Step into ClearChoice or one of our highest performing members and you will find excellent administrative processes that allow these practices to be mostly or completely dental implant only practices.

Leaders treat the most full arch (All-on-4) implant cases.  Leadership plays a role in ‘plussing’ everything else in the dental implantology practice.

None of us were born as a an amazing dentist and none of us who became dentists was born as a great Implantologist.  All of those skills were learned via motivation, educational processes, and experience.

Furthermore, no one, be they in any profession or occupation, was born a good or great leader.  Leadership, just like your clinical skills, comes out of motivation, education, circumstances, and experience.

As part of a journey to having a a few full arch implant (e.g. All-on-4) cases to a practice where you primarily treat full arch dental implant cases (e.g. All-on-4), leadership will be on your personal growth menu.   Every practice owner or senior doctor, treating full arch cases month after month, operates at a higher level of leadership than all those who never received the memo on this graphic.

The best news with all of the discussion today is the road from wherever you are right now to an implant focused practice (or dental implant only practice) is well worn and many others have walked that path.  We’ve held many hands along this path from the now to dental implanvology practices.

There’s nothing here you need to invent or figure out on your own to have the dental implanvology practice of your dreams! 

The question now is how willing are you to acknowledge what’s required based on the truth of this graphic and how much do you really want to have more of a dental implant focused practice or even develop an dental implant only practice (ideally with an associate handling your general dental patients)?

If you’ve had an a-ha here today and are ready to have a discussion about your practice?  if you are ready to look at the next steps to move towards at least an additional three full arch dental implant cases (e.g All-on-4, etc) each month, let’s have a private 1:1 discussion.  This first review of your practice and goals is free.  To schedule a time, go here.