What led to an “a-ha” by this highly skilled Implantologist?

Dr. Kathy has been building her clinical Implantology skills for years but like most implant dentists going through extensive training there was no focus on dental implant case acceptance nor dental implant advertising.  The lack of specialty advertising for full arch implant cases and dental implant case acceptanc

She is now at the point of sitting for the American Board of Oral Implantology exam to qualify for Diplomate status.  So while her skills are at the pinnacle of Implantology, she wasn’t using those skills to their fullest.  Historically she has only treated single tooth implants versus full arch implant cases; like All-0n-4.  These single tooth patients have benefited from here advanced skills, but the truth is her abilities were greatly under-utilized!

When she realized that two missing things were getting in the way of her using her skills with the full arch case, she was able to move on to take steps to arrive at her goal which was to treat only implant and full arch cases every month.

The first item she identified was a lack specialty implant case advertising for bringing an ongoing case flow of full arch (All-on-4) prospective implant patients to her practice. These patients are not the typical regular patient presenting to a practice.  They have much greater needs and are generally in terminal dentitions.  She realized that to find these terminal dention patients each month that she needed specialty advertising for her implant services.

Case Presentation and Dental Implant Sales Process for 75% Dental Implant Case Acceptance Rates

She also identified that she was missing a structured sales process for dental implant case acceptance on her full arch implant cases.  She was asking patients to invest as much in their teeth as they would in a new car.  Without structured management of sales process here cases weren’t accepted even though there was great need.   She realized it would take her and her team using the same terminology and sales process steps.  That adherence to a common sales process by way to the entire team means she now has  75% acceptance rates for her full arch implant cases compared to less than 10% before adopting this approach.ABOI Implantologists

Why Sales Process Management for dental implant case acceptance is critical.

Patient sales process management,  as Kathy realized, is a mandatory part of the full arch (All-on-4) case game if you want to treat these cases regularly.  Without it, the clinician simply doesn’t know how to best discuss something intangible (a future result with implant restorations) with something very tangible (you need to write me a $25,000 check for this intangible result).

Sales Process Management for dental implant case acceptance is also mandatory if you are competing with corporate entities such as ClearChoice, Aspen Dental (now also doing full arch implant cases) or Affordable Dentures & Implants.  Your competition in these entities has a structured sales process that is used and coached week in and out for their dental implant case acceptance.

95% of our readers compete with these corporate implant practices in their markets. Yet, most aren’t aware how the absence of professional sales process management in their practice negatively impacts their cases and bolsters or reduces advertising results.  The presence of this can add 50-100% more cases to a month’s results from advertising with no change to advertising budget!  Or it can mean an entire month of advertising investment ends with no cases proceeding!

The combination of our proven specialty implant advertising for full arch cases PLUS patient sales process management for dental implant case acceptance is what now has Dr. Kathy doing full arch cases, All-on-4 and traditional loading, every month – EVEN during a pandemic.

You’ll find here story here.

Ready to start seeing multiple full arch implant cases (All-on-4, traditional cases, and medicare dental implant cases) just like Dr. Kathy every month in your practice? Ready to use your implant training and implant credentials (Fellow AAID, Associate Fellow AAID, Fellow, ICOI, Diplomate, ABOI) fully?  Realizing that you have no management system for achieving 75% rates for dental implant case acceptance?

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