In Dentistry News-Toxic Denture Cream is Old News

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In dentistry news toxic denture cream is dangerous………Really !!! We have known this for a while.

Funny how long it takes for information to gain traction.  The Journal ‘Neurology’ reported on this topic back in the day.  I was one of the first, if not the first, dentists to distribute a national press release concerning the findings.  We were the absolute FIRST consulting group to show its member doctors how to use this information to promote expert status to their patients and how to get more patients out of dentures and adhesives as a result.

Now, many years later, everyone’s gone ga-ga over denture cream and its dangers.  My mantra to the profession and the media is “what took you so long?”

Funny how in an age of rapid speed of information flow, the important stuff gets buried behind more pressing matters such as what Brad and Angelina pooped out after their last indulgent weekend in Cannes.

There are two things that really suck about “bad news” especially when it involves some medical device problem, fraud, or “adverse event” in the health professions.

  1. Patient’s get screwed and they subsequently lose faith in their “professionals.”
  2. The professions make an apology, stare at their belly buttons, and rarely actually turn the bad news into something good that actually HELPS more patients.

Few seize the moment (or know how to do such) to use bad news to position themselves as being far more knowledgeable (that absolutely means BETTER than others and superior to competitors) than their peers and as a result help motivate more patients to make good decisions about their options—especially it if happens to have something to do with preventing nasty things like neuralgia’s courtesy of denture adhesive.  There are plenty of alternatives to dentures and adhesives and using the power of loss surrounding the the bad news of “poison denture adhesive” is one tool to get patients onto better things—dental implants. This you can use as dentistry news and advertise as such.

Here’s another example of dentistry news and failed opportunity for most:  Last year, CBCT, dentists—particularly orthodontists—who are overusing the technology were rightly blasted for doing such (exposing patients to needless radiation) in a New York Times investigative article.  How many dentists knew how to take what they likely called a lemon and instead of trembling about the fall-out turn it into a loss minimizer for their patients and prospective patients?  Outside of our group of member dentists, probably zero.

The moral of the story:  no matter how “bad” the news related to something in dentistry, it will be used by the wisest in the profession to actually benefit more patients.  The question is, will you be one of the wise?

P.S. By the way, when these kind of things (bad news) pop up, we always hand the tools for benefit to every member at every level via our monthly newsletter.  Very likely a more worthy investment than many of the dues you’re paying to organizations that never hand you anything to keep your business thriving……

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