Why You Need To Exit the Implant Case Sales Game – Part 5

medicare dental implantsBack to Mr. Gorilla from Part 1 of this series…

Question: What are the three giant advantages that the national chain of implant centers?

(This is the 800-pound Mr. Gorilla referenced early on) has had (until now) that most independents didn’t/couldn’t fully leverage/access.

But there are answers. Let’s discuss them.

National Advantages


Sales calls (the calls from the implant ads) are answered by professional salespeople OFF-SITE. NOT BY DENTAL STAFF sitting inside the practice doing dozens of everyday dental tasks; most of which have nothing to do with sales and in fact get in the way of the selling of consults!

At the very first step in sales, Mr. Gorilla’s sales pros focus SOLELY on screening, booking consults, pre-selling treatment, educating on financing, and getting people to their consults – that’s it!

Mr. Gorilla’s Advantage #2 – DOCTORS are mostly removed from sales AND the TPC is a trained sales pro. The more the doctor talks, the fewer cases happen!

As a result, Mr. G. has removed the treater from all but the very most basic eighth grade language of a few carefully taught phrases that transition the patient from diagnosis and options to the TPC who is a professionally trained salesperson just like the pros who are off-site taking the sales calls,

Mr. Gorilla’s “TPC” is a salesperson who has a fake title of TPC. Most implant practices have a TPC who worked their way up and through one or more dental practices and has a fake title of “salesperson.” The outcomes between these two TPCs are very different because their training and skillsets are very different.

Mr. Gorilla’s Advantage #3 – Network broadcast TV (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) Advertising

Emotionally based sales messages win out over logic/rational messages always and the medium that is king of emotional selling is big network TV. We discuss specifics of this via new advertising member client conversations.

Moving Forward

As a result of these advantages, Mr. Gorilla and his teams have been treating 30-35 arches per month at each of their locations around the country for years.

Now because of our movement into the realm of not just providing labor but TRAINED SALES PROFESSIONALS we could not only move past the dirty secret about sales in implant advertising but, give the advantages that Mr. Gorilla has to independents and small DSOs!

If you are ready to have these advantages that were previously not available to the independent practices and small DSOs, let’s talk 1:1.

The first call to discuss your goals with the number of full arch cases you can accommodate each month from advertising is FREE. To schedule, go to www.meetme.so/jamesmcanally